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The Year Of You – Volume 1 – January

It’s 2020 lovely people, and boy are we glad to see it! We’ve decided that this year is the year of YOU, to own and to love – and we believe that should be reflected in your jewellery too. This is the year for individuality, awareness of what you’re buying, expression and embracing the unique. We are bringing you a birthstone run down at the beginning of every month, tales of the legend behind your individual stones, alternatives and properties. The New Year is here and we are ready for it.

Here we go January babies, it’s your time to shine. The month of new beginnings, a fresh start, year and perspective has always gifted the world with wonderful individuals. It’s Capricorn and Aquarius season and you January babes have the gorgeous garnet to your names.

Traditionally, many of us only think of garnet as coming in a deep red colour. While this variety is beautiful and used in many pieces, such as our Caireen ring, there are other gorgeous garnet colours to embrace in your new year gems. Demantoid is a lesser known member of the garnet group, sparkling in an epic sea green. This beauty is used in some of the world’s greatest treasures, including use by the famous Faberge in his jewellery. We think this sea green beauty would look incredible set as raw nuggets in claw studs. Another unique garnet species is Spessartine an orange yellow stone that glows like pure sunshine. Spessartine comes in a variety of colours and colloquial names, ‘Mandarin Garnet and ‘Aurora Red’ to name just two. We think they’re the perfect colours to start of the New Year with, fireworks in gem form! Our Spessartine studs are in our shop and ready to add to every January babe’s jewellery collection.


Garnet, in all its forms, is known to have a multitude of healing properties. With links to both the base and heart chakras, Garnet balances and re-energises, inspiring love and devotion it opens the heart and improves self-confidence. Whether you are a January baby or not, we know that everyone could do with a little Garnet energy in their life this New Year. Humans have always had a love and respect for Garnet stones, with Ancient Egyptians using Garnet more than five thousand years ago.

We love this piece below:

Pectoral and Necklace of Sithathoryunet with the Name of Senwosret II, created from Gold, carnelian, lapis lazuli, turquoise, garnet.

Image from www.metmuseum.org

Jewellery and Gem stones throughout history have been linked to magical powers and energies so armed with the right jewellery for you 2020 can be anything you want it to be!

We believe that your jewellery should represent you and mean something at the same time. Any chance we get to help that vision come alive is one we will always jump at. We are excited to kick off the year with some new commissions and if you are  a January baby, or are looking for the perfect gift for one, get in touch with us.

Creative Writing: www.tysonhannah.wordpress.com
Imagery: Tegen Jewellery’s Own, Pinterest & Met Museum