Ring Sizing

If you do not know the size that you require it is best to get your ring size taken at a jeweller, any high street jeweller can do this for you, this is the most accurate way and a chance for you to take a note of all your finger sizes for future reference too!


Our Sizing

Some of our pieces you may notice are sized as Small / Medium / Large

These items are our “stock” pieces and so rather than stocking every size ring in every style we have chosen to use a more general sizing system similar to a lot of high street fashion jewellery stores.

Small can range between a J, K, L

Medium can range between M, N, O

Large can range between P, Q, R

You can of course still order any of these styles to be made to a specific size by just popping a request for your desired size in the notes section in the online checkout.

Measuring Your Ring Size At Home

 If you are unable to get your sizes taken by jeweller it is possible to measure this yourself, We sell an adjustable ring sizer that you can put on your finger and tighten or loosen to the correct fit click here to shop, keep it in your jewellery box for future use too!

Alternatively you can take a measurement from a ring you already have at home that fits. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Find a ruler or tape measure
  2. Place the ring on top of the ruler / tape measure on a flat surface and measure across the widest point of the inside diameter in mm.
  3. Use the chart below to determine the ring size from your measurements.

Ring Size Conversions 

Different countries use different methods of ring sizing below is a chart to convert the most commonly used sizing.


Many of our necklaces and pendants come in different lengths, below is a guide to show where these sit to help you to get the perfect length for you.