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Calling Ocean Lovers

I have a very exiting announcement …

Tegen Jewellery is now an official retailer of Ocean Diamonds! 

I am so proud to be one of the companies in the UK to be able to offer these amazing stones to you my wonderful customers. 

So what is an Ocean Diamond? 

Ocean diamonds started their journey to the sea billions of years ago. They are carried along through torrent and flow by the patient power of rivers until they eventually settle between gullies or become hidden within the sea bed where they are discovered by diamond divers, off the coasts of Namibia and South Africa.

Between ferocious storms, professional divers venture out to search for diamonds, where only the strongest will have survived. Consciously sourced and carefully certified, they are then passed on to skilled artisans who either preserve their untamed nature or accentuate their brilliance.

I will be creating some pieces from both Raw and Artistry Diamonds and sourcing from these guys for bespoke pieces. 

What do I mean by Raw and Artistry ….


Uncut, untamed, beautifully imperfect.        

Sourced in South Africa and Namibia by local, professional divers and sorted on the harbourside.

Carat sizes from 0.08cts upwards


Cut, polished, perfectly proportioned

Cut and GIA certified in Johannesburg in South Africa to contribute to the local economy and improve traceability.

Carat sizes from 0.4ct to 5ct ( larger on request )

Colours D E F G H I J

Clarity grades from Flawless to S12

Ocean Diamonds each come with their Certificate of Provenance, they are a sustainable and ethical Diamond where the process from start to finish is carefully monitored to make sure everyone has a safe working environment and is paid a respectable wage. 

The Ocean has always played huge part of my life, I have grown up by the sea in the beautiful county of Cornwall where we are lucky enough o be surrounded by stunning coastline. I have spent a large majority of my life at the beach, in the water or on the water and it is a huge influence within my jewellery business (can you tell by my choice of colour palette in my branding?!?).

The ocean is somewhere that inspires me, relaxes me and makes me feel at home so when I heard about the opportunity to be part of this process and incorporate my love of the ocean and even more so in to my work I had to be part of it! 

These stones will be an option for all Bespoke orders going forwards and I am so honored that I have been accepted by the Ocean Diamonds team to be one of the Gold / Silversmiths in the UK to bring these to you!

Ethical sourcing is something that I am very conscious and passionate about, we all know that there are troubles within the world of gem stones and traceability can be very hard so having these Diamonds as an option I can 100 confidently guarantee ethnicity and quality.

Want to know a little bit more about Ocean Diamonds? I will have a page of information on my website very soon but for now you can visit their website 

The big question is … who is going to commission the first bespoke piece using an Ocean Diamond?

I will look forward to hearing from you soon!