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My Awards

Below is a selection of my most recent awards. I’m thankful for every amazing client I get!

Prestige Awards 2020/2021 – ‘Jewellery Designer Of The Year-South West England’

Prestige Awards 2021/2022 – ‘Handmade Jewellery Store of the Year – South West England’

LUX Life 2020-2021 – ‘Best Jewellery Design Brand’

LUX Life 2021-2022 – ‘Best Bespoke Metal Jewellery Retailer – Cornwall ‘

LUX Life 2023-2024 – ‘Best Artisan Jewellery Business – South West England’

Jewellery Industry Affiliations

Below is a selection of who I work with. 

Hallmark Registered

I am also proud to be registered with the London Assay Office and send all items of the legal weight to be Hallmarked with the traditional UK Hallmarks and my own makers mark, if you would like to learn more about the hallmark and the UK laws around selling precious metal items Have written a blog post about it or you can visit the Assay Office Official website.

My supply chain is very important to me, I was lucky enough to visit the Tuscon gem show a few years back and made a lot of my supplier connections face to face there, meeting people in person that are going to be suppling gem stones to me was great as I was able to connect with like minded reliable and trusted suppliers in an industry which is not known for its ethics. There is a lot to learn and a lot of research to do before buying gem stones and I believe that if you are in this industry it is our duty to do this research and source responsibly, ask the awkward questions and only buy from suppliers that can comfortably and confidently provide the answers you request.

My Stockists

Below is a selection of the stockists I partner with.