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A Little Bit About Tegen Jewellery

Who Am I?

My name is Tegen and I am the owner / designer / maker at Tegen Jewellery.

I am inspired by my love of all things water, growing up in Cornwall it is hard not to be inspired by the sea when you are surrounded by some of the most beautiful coastlines in the world and you spend the majority of your weekends on the sand. This teamed with my obsession with mermaids, magical mythical creatures (unicorns in particular) mixed with a fascination with tribal jewellery, fashion, travel and all things bohemian has been combined and developed in to every day wearable pieces of treasure.

I come from a very creative family of engineers graphic designers and book binders which is where I have inherited my love for designing and abilities to create. 

Jewellery became my passion from an early age which I then pursued through college and in to university attending a few evening and weekend courses along the way to gain as many skills as I could. I am now proud to say that this passion is now my job and what better job could I ask for . . . I get to play with treasure be creative, meet amazing people and make people smile every day! 

Me in jewellery Age 3Me in jewellery Age 3

What do I do?

I design pieces that are practical enough to wear every day for every occasion and adventure on land or under the sea, but yet stand out and attract interest and comments from onlookers. Simple statement pieces and / or bold colours are my favourites!

All items are made from the highest quality precious metals and are Hallmarked (where applicable) at the London Assay Office where they also apply the Tegen Jewellery’s own personalised stamp on to each piece.

Stones are sourced from ethical suppliers and often cut to my own specifications to make my designs as unique as possible.

Bespoke pieces are my favourite to make, I love to create something that has meaning and thoughts of who it is for behind it, something personal that they will treasure forever. Below are a few of my favourites so far . . .

These three rings are very special not only to the people who wear them but also to me, 

The Opal, I actually made for myself (naughty I know!) but this was my first wages from Tegen Jewellery, I wear this ring every day and it inspires me to do what I love. 

The Diamond, this ring I made as engagement ring for one of my best friends since we were very very small. After several secret meetings to discuss with her future husband exactly what we thought she would like (and scanning her Pinterest boards) we came up with this beauty, he then took a further 8 months to find the right time and pop the question making this the hardest but best secret I have ever had to keep . . . obviously she said yes. 

The Blue Topaz, this ring has a secret, it is hidden under the stone setting and makes an impression in to her finger to match a tattoo that he has on the same finger, what it is will remain a secret. These guys are awesome, they don’t fit in with convention and both have a huge passion for the sea so taking these things in to consideration this is what we came up with and I am pleased to say that the surprise went down well and she was stoked! who wouldn’t be when this is presented to you in one of the most beautiful destinations in the world the Maldives!

Where do I work?

I am very lucky to have an amazing partner, family and friends, not forgetting Alfie my dog, who have all helped with the build of a sparkly (literally – its glittery!) new workshop at the bottom of my garden! It has taken a few months to complete but I am finally all moved in and back to work after a little break to get the workshop up and running. I now have a workshop room where I can create and an office / lounge where I can design and customers can come to talk through bespoke orders, see a selection of pieces, a variety of gem stones and get a feel for what Tegen Jewellery is about. 

To make an appointment to discuss a bespoke order just get in touch: info@tegenjewellery.com

So now you guys know all about me, I want to get to know all of you! 

I look forward to hearing from you soon