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Behind The Scenes at Tegen Jewellery

Well 2020 is certainly going be a year to remember, so much has happened, changed and opened my eyes in the last few months that each time I have gone to write a new blog post something has stopped me in my tracks, my thought process has become more relevant and the importance of what I am putting out there as a company not just in the products that I make but everything that goes on behind the scenes that is sourced, considered and put in to action to create the product you see on my website.

Being a small business with all of my stockists closed for what was an unknown length of time going in to the season where like most Cornish businesses we make out money to see us through the rest of the year I was freaking out slightly but wanted to use this time in a positive way a chance to focus on my business with my other two jobs out of action I could get a new collection together and write up a series of blog posts that have been bussing around my head for a while now this was all going to plan but then everyones attention started to focus on supporting the small online and local businesses that work from home and could still safely work during this bonkers time. The longer lockdown went on the busier orders got and my wish to share this information with you had to take a back seat. Don’t get me wrong this is not a negative it is totally amazing, the support of my business through this has been overwhelming and really exciting!

As a small business owner I feel that this gives me a massive opportunity to be producing a quality product with no bosses to answer to and create profits and margins for. Having worked in retail of various forms from surf clothing to large scale stainless steel mechanics since age age of 15 I am very aware of the mark up that goes on to a product on sale to us as the consumer but also the mark ups that need to be added to materials in order to launch and maintain a healthy and profitable business.

I get to call the shots on what materials are used and am passionate about ethical sourcing, you all are aware of Blood Diamonds thanks to the film back in 2006, but this inhuman working environment can be the case for various gem stones and precious metals across the world.

Being your own boss allows you to make choices, each of these choices needs to be considered and worked through before you can try to turn it into a finished product. Being the only person in a company can also be really hard, who can you bounce ideas off? Luckily for me I have a little network of amazing creative and driven friends who all run small businesses in different areas of creative amazingness and we tend to ping a million WhatsApp messages between us when we are processing ideas.

I will be bringing you a series of blogs to give you an insight in to what goes in to my business, what is important to me and why and also areas of the industry that you may not be aware of as a consumer. I am excited to share with you some little insights of what goes in to running your own small business, its something that I get asked about a lot so I hope you enjoy reading them.