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Up-Cycled Heirloom Gold Nugget & Opal Charm Pendant

Up-cycling old jewellery may not be for everyone, but to me I don’t under stand why you would have pieces of jewellery sat in a jewellery box that you would never wear as they aren’t your style.

Jewellery is passed down to family members over generations but styles change and people like different looks, so why not up-cycle some sentimental pieces that you would not wear in to something that you can enjoy every day?

This piece was made by combining three very old thin and unwearable weddings bands and one little opal pinky ring that was a bad design that snagged clothing so I melted it all down and re-worked it into something that was wearable but kept the sentiment by keeping all of the materials to make each element of this pendant.

This service is available for old jewellery that has a full UK Hallmark, if the jewellery doesn’t there’re is an additional charge and timescale to get the metal tested, all of my weight qualifying work is Hallmarked at the London Assay Office so I have to make sure that the metals I am using are pure to avoid contamination on future work and of some of my workshop equipment.