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Brass & Tibetan Turquoise Identity Tags

Brass pet name tags set with Tibetan Turquoise in Sterling Silver Settings and stamped with a Navajo style design, engraved with your details and the text coloured with black enamel to make it more prominent.

Turquoise is used in many cultures as a stone of power and luck, in Native American cultures it is thought to also have protective properties and so they adorn their animals as well as theirs selves with this stone.

Available in a choice of two sizes, (all imagery the dogs are wearing the larger 32mm size for reference) These can all be customised with one name and one phone number, please put the desired details in the notes section of the checkout.


Please note that brass does go dull, it can be brought back with metal polish but be careful not to get this on the stone as it may discolour it. I have been wear testing these on a few pooches before releasing them for sale and personally I love the look now they are more dull, have been in the sea, dragged through hedges, through washing machine and in every possible muddy puddle my dogs can find.