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Amalthea Pendant Aventurine Sterling Silver

The Amalthea Pendant in Amazonite, available on two chain options and three chain lengths.

Our crystal points are custom cut by one of our gem suppliers in India, they re made to our specifications and measurements to create the perfect point for out jewellery designs.

Slightly larger than our Callisto hoops these beautiful stones are a real show stopper!


Aventurine known as the stone of prosperity.  It is thought to  promote compassion and empathy.  encourage perseverance and reinforce decisiveness.  Aventurine is said to stabilises one’s state of mind, stimulate perception and enhance creativity. It is yes to calm anger and irritation and promote feelings of well-being.  Aventurine is said to balance both male and female energy and encourage regeneration of the heart and also said to protect against environmental pollution.