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“Tegen” is a Cornish name for girls
meaning “Pretty little thing”

Beautiful Bohemian Jewellery

   Tegen Jewellery is a unique collection of contemporary designer jewellery with a bohemian feel.

About Tegen Jewellery

Inspired by the sea, mermaids, travel, tribal cultures and natural gems tones each piece is designed to be worn either as a single statement or as part of a stack.

The ever extending collection is made up from several different ranges and styles catering for a variety of different tastes. Each piece is handmade, bespoke and therefore as unique as it’s wearer.

Tegen Jewellery Blog

Not just your wardrobe … Have you considered what your putting in your jewellery box? It is no big secret that the fashion industry has

February friends, it is your time to shine. You birth month brings beautiful things, the first sign of spring, sun-gold daffodils and most importantly, Amethyst!

It’s 2020 lovely people, and boy are we glad to see it! We’ve decided that this year is the year of YOU, to own and

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